Las Vegas Legends

The Old Spanish trail eventually led explorers through the Nevada meadows inhabited by a few hardy Paiute families. Then came the Mormons, miners, ranchers, railroad men, and ultimately the mobsters and developers. All carved a presence in that fabulous area of destiny now known as "Las Vegas." The "Entertainment Capital of the World" was forged by far sighted and tough characters of the Old West who created a town that worked for them. It attained cityhood in 1911, and remained unique with its myriad and exciting attractions resulting in a world-class resort destination.

Back in the 1930s, while other areas suffered the pangs of the Depression, Las Vegas blossomed and grew, thanks to liberal divorce laws, nearby construction of Hoover Dam, and the pivotal dynamic force - legalized gambling. Las Vegas' relaxed marriage laws also made it the "Wedding Capital of the World" with over 120,000 couples tying the knot there annually, including a host of celebrities - one seven different times! Aptly named "Sin City", Las Vegas offers the sexiest shows, most salacious entertainment, state-of-the-art nightclubs, and widespread party mentality. It's a place where "sex" isn't relegated to a red light district - but is in your face 24/7.

Las Vegas Legends has it all - sex, mobsters, casino moguls, gambling, world class attractions, myths, true stories, scandals, and even the dark side. Learn about the early days, the town under mob rule, and the decisions that made Las Vegas the largest city spawned in the 20th century. Many of the stories in this book are so electrifying they have even shocked the generally unflappable Las Vegans. Itís a fascinating, comprehensive "must read" not only for the residents, but for anyone who ever considers visiting Las Vegas.

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