From the UPS Song Book – 1950



The UPS Concerto


We are the boys from old U.P.

The guys all dressed in brown.

We cover many and many a mile,

In fact, most every town.

Seattle, San Diego, La Jolla, San Berdoo,

Portland, San Francisco, and Cucamonga too.


Our fame has spread form coast to coast.

Our honor we hold high.

The stores we serve are the best in town,

We’ll praise them to the sky.

Macy’s, Coulters, Saks, Bullocks, and Broadway,

Barkers, Gimbels, Olds, and also Bon Marché.


It’s service we give at every step,

On this we all agree.

If it’s service you want, it’s service you’ll get.

Just come to old U.P.

We deliver parcels, and this we promise you,

More are delivered safely, we only break a few.


          --Lyrics by Jack Dennis and Bill Buckley, Los Angeles, 1950



Three Cheers For Old U.P.


Give three cheers for old U.P., par-lay vous,

The best De—Liv—ery. Parlay vous.

No matter what you ask

It never is too large a task.

Hinkey Dinkey Par-lay Vous.


The trucks of brown, you;ll know. Par-lay vous.

Where e’re you are, where e’re you go. Par-lay vous.

Manned by the boys in brown,

You’ll never find their spirits down.

Hinkey Dinkey Par-lay Vous.


From hose to high silk hats, Par-lay vous.

Or even stoves and baseball bats. Par-lay vous.

They will meet you with a smile,

Delivery all for many a mile.

Hinkey Dinkey Par-lay Vous.


So when they ring your bell, Par-lay vous.

Answer it quick, you ne’er can tell, Par-lay vous.

What they will have for you.

Just give a smile and pay what’s due.

Hinkey Dinkey Par-lay Vous.


          Lyrics by H.A.R., 8-1-1950



UPS Marching Song  (To the tune of U.S. Field Artillery March)    

Over Hill, Over Dale

As They Hit That Concrete Trail

Our Brown Wagons Go Rolling Along.


Shout It Out, Without Doubt,

Service Rides on Every Route

As Our Wagons Go Rolling Along.


Then It’s Hi-Hi-Hee!

In The Brown Shirt Cavalry.

Shout Out Our Message Loud and Strong.


Where’er You Go

You Will Always Know

Our Brown Wagons Go Rolling Along.


                                --Lyrics by Russel Havighorst



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