Baja Fever:

Journeys into Mexico's Intriguing Peninsula


By Greg Niemann


352 pages
Mountain N 'Air Books (January 1999)
La Crescenta, California

ISBN: 1879415194

Greg Niemann is a life-long Baja buff with a home in Cantamar, Baja California, Mexico. He has traveled and camped all over the Baja peninsula for over 50 years.


From the publisher:

". . . the telling of experiences and lessons learned by a man, and his family and friends, during their many travels and stays in Baja California, México. BAJA FEVER - not a guidebook - is a delightful inlet into the lives and souls of Baja Californios, and the beautiful peninsula. Greg Niemann is of a third generation of a family inflicted with the contagious but benevolent fever. He tells of his experiences in a unique writing style, in a manner guaranteed to move the readers."



What an outstanding Baja book!, May 30, 2000
A truly terrific book on Baja. Greg Niemann captures the incredible drawing power of Baja, through his personal experiences of years of travel throughout the peninsula. I really enjoyed the detailed descriptions of the places Greg has visited. I love this book!
Reviewer: Tim Walker (Los Angeles)

"Baja Fever contains some very good, punchy writing about the author's varied journeys through Baja. The reader can follow the author's personal growth as he describes a lifelong love affair with Baja." —Gene Kira, author of the popular fishing guide, The Baja Catch and the heartwarming Baja-based novel, King of the Moon

“I really enjoyed reading Baja Fever. It is a gold mine of Baja history and adventure - a useful Baja book of depth and validity." —Graham Mackintosh, author of Into a Desert Place

A great book on Baja!
, May 27, 2000
I couldn't put this book down! Greg Niemann's detailed explanations of the things he's seen in his many years of Baja travel make this a gem of a book to own! Having caught "Baja Fever" a few years back, all this book did was raise my temperature to new heights! Baja Fever is one illness I really want to keep!   -- Reviewer, Los Angeles.    Review

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